Friday, September 28, 2007

Report from San Bernardino and Orange Counties

After leaving Riverside on September 21st we headed for San Bernardino where Carolyn Boyle and Verne Schweiger welcomed us.

About thirty people gathered in front of the San Bernardino Court House on Monday, September 24th to protest the death penalty. A local priest spoke of the first murder recorded in the Book of Genesis. The murderer, Cain, feared that he would be killed by his victim’s friends. To prevent this God marked Cain so that everyone would know that Cain’s life should be spared.

Carolyn Boyle spoke and introduced a series of speakers including Jeff and I. We were interviewed by two Spanish speaking newspapers, La Prensa and La Opinion. Also the San Bernardino Sun printed a picture of the demonstration on its front page.

We then left for Orange County. On Wednesday, Jeff set a new record for longest non-stop walk, when he walked almost six miles uninterrupted. I read my magazines. It was an easy day.

On Thursday, September 27th Jan Urban met us four miles from the Orange County Court House and walked the route with Jeff. I transported signs to the court house.

About fifteen people were at the Orange County demonstration led by local activist Dave Johnson. Fr. Bill Barman led us in Sister Helen’s prayer. Jeff asked the absent district attorney, Tony Rackauckas, to save Orange County’s tax money by not seeking the death penalty.

Exoneree Tom Goldstein reported on the injustice that resulted in his 24 year jail term for a murder he did not commit. The event was covered by local TV Channel 56 (Channel 12 on most cable systems.)

Now we’re on to Los Angeles!

By Richard Carlburg

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