Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 7: Even rain and heat can't stop us from walking

The walk from San Diego was uneventful if you exclude the weather which ranged from very hot to cold light rain. On Monday, September 17, I had to drop out in order to make a doctor’s appointment and Jeff’s son, Mat, walked in my place.

We arrived in Riverside Thursday night (September 20). Audrey Owens and her group organized a great demonstration on Friday, September 21st. About fifty people gathered on the Court House steps to listen to songs by local activist Dick Morris and a series of eloquent speakers led by Riverside Public Defender Gary Windom. Thomas Goldstein, who was exonerated of murder after 24 years in prison, spoke of the terrible injustice done to him and others by the California justice system. A local TV station interviewed Jeff and I and filmed the demonstration. A reporter from The Press-Enterprise also interviewed us.

The good people of Riverside took up a collection for our expenses. We spent four nights in motels and the contribution was greatly appreciated.

By Richard Carlburg
Sept. 22, 2007

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