Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Walk ends in Sacramento on Nov. 30th!

The event in Sacramento went very well... we had over 100 people, lots of students, good speakers...timing went just fine...took us about 45 minutes for the walk. I think everyone liked it. I got to our gathering point at 10:45am and expected to be the first one there (came with Sr. Catherine and Marilyn from our DPF chapter). We saw this huge crowd, so I assumed it was for some other event...but what do you know...it was us! Several TV stations, the radio station KPFA, and some print media showed up. They did lots of interviews. Lots of good spirit!

From Ellen, Nov. 30, 2007

The Walk ended in Sacramento on November 30th and it was a huge success. We had newspaper and TV coverage at almost every rally. All who participated at the rallies or walked with us deserve a big Thank You. A special thank you goes to Stefanie and the other folks at Death Penalty Focus. Their effort made this much more successful walk than the one I did in 2000. Hopefully a walk will not be necessary in 2014 because the death penalty will be a thing of the past.

From Richard Carlburg, Dec. 4, 2007