Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why do I walk?

I walk for Anthony Porter,
found innocent and set free
from death row
after 21 years of agony.
And for others like him.

I walk for Bill Pelke,
who lost his grandma to murder,
and who now devotes his life
to fighting the death penalty.
And for others like him.

I walk for the guilty on death row,
the pawns of macho politics.
I walk for the innocent on death row;
may they someday follow Anthony.
I walk for the innocent killed on death row;
may there be no more like them.

I walk for all the abolitionists;
you are the conscience of the community;
may you fight on ‘til justice is won.

I walk to Sacramento for our leaders there.
May their better angels emerge
so that politics give way to justice.
And for our leaders across America,
so that the iron doors of all death chambers
shall be locked and sealed tight, forever.

Jeff Ghelardi, October 2007


kls said...

Your poem is extremely well done, Jeff. With each step you take, you're a true inspiration. In a country I don't recognize and a world that's gone mad, it gives me hope to have a sensitive, caring, devoted, genuine friend like you.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful poem, Jeff. Thank you. Thinking of you. Your English cousins, Laura and family x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful statement and for your actions. I lost my brother to murder and can only hope that you understand how much I appreciate your efforts in walking to abolish the death penalty. Please have strength and continue.

Sonamling said...

I can no longer walk but I do everything I can do stop the insanity and I am with all of you in spirit. Having lost a loved one to murder I remain committed to the abolishment of the death penalty all over the world. I have been doing this work for over thirty years. Thankfully in Canada we do not have the death penalty. Over the years my heart has been broken over those who have been executed. It is only through organizations like this that I get my strength to continue on. In memory of Van Nguyen and Stanley Tookie Williams.