Monday, August 20, 2007

No more death sentences!

Did you know California has the highest rate of death sentencing in the country?

While annual death sentences have dramatically decreased each year since 1999, when there were 42, the number is still alarmingly high. Last year 16 death verdicts were returned and so far 7 have been handed down in 2007.

As a result, 666 men and women now sit on California's death row.

It is time for us to say to our elected District Attorneys, "No more death sentences!" We have seen over and over that the pursuit and imposition of the death penalty only perpetuates the suffering of survivors, focuses all of the attention and resources on the accused instead of the victims, and costs the taxpayers far more than a sentence of life without parole.

Please take 30 seconds to send a letter to you District Attorney today!

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Lynda Hernandez said...

Thank you for doing this! We need to raise awareness of the broken prison system and the fact that not only is capital punishment cruel and unusual punishment (and prone to error) but that it doesn't stop murders and killing. I can't believe that the majority of CA voters still support the death penalty. We seem to be on the same page as Texas.