Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Video on the Death Penalty


Anonymous said...

Studies have yet to prove that capital punishment deters crime. If a victim's family opposes the death penalty, then its other major purpose, to provide some semblance of justice, is also called into question.

Mimi Schaeffer said...

Please visit me at VADP. I want to post this movie.

Lisa said...

Hi Mimi:
The "FREEDOM TO LIVE: THE DEATH PENALTY" video can be viewed at http://www.aclu.tv/deathpenalty. The link to embed this video can be found there. The Freedom Files episode will be available late September as an organizing tool to educate, inspire and activate your community. I will contact you at VADP to discuss further. I can be reached at lisa.smithline@gmail.com, please contact me if you would like more information.